What If You Could Attract High Net-Worth Investors, Make A-List Contacts And Raise The Capital You’re Looking For By Tapping Into A New Way Of Using LinkedIn?



If you’re here, you know that your ability to raise capital is the single biggest key to you being able to enjoy the kind of life-style and freedom you’ve always wanted. But you may feel like it’s a struggle constantly trying to find investors and even more importantly, the HIGH NET-WORTH investors you’re looking for.
You’re ready for a new way of attracting A-List investors consistently and accessing the capital you need to get you where you want to go!



You’re ready to tap into a new way of using  LinkedIn making key contacts and having access to the capital you’re looking for.


You may wonder why, in spite of having a LinkedIn profile for a while, you’ve had it sitting there like a resume with little or no new business to show from it, and why instead, you find yourself constantly scrambling to raise capital.
You know LinkedIn is full of high net-worth individuals who would be your dream investors. And yet… What do you say in your profile, content and messages to get them eagerly responding and wanting invest with you?
And how can you put these strategies into a system for raising capital consistently?


Welcome To The LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator



The new LinkedIn offers massive potential for attracting high net-worth investors, making key contacts and raising the capital you’re looking for.


Through this comprehensive, step-by-step system for transforming your LinkedIn profile into your personal investor attraction machine, you’ll discover how to attract more of the high net-worth investors you want….


All without having to worry about getting past the gate-keeper, wasting your time at more networking events or even spending a fortune on paid advertising.


You’ll also discover how to position yourself as the go-to-authority in your market, get tons of free online exposure and have more of your ideal investors coming to you as a result of implementing these little-known yet highly-effective LinkedIn capital raising strategies.


Finally, the LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator program offers a unique system for attracting more of your BEST investors consistently. It’s a system you’ll be able to rely on for years to come as you continue raising capital and accelerating your business by tapping into a new way of using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator



Your Investment: $997 or 4X $297

Real Business Owners. Real Results.

"We've attracted several new clients, built a consistent  lead flow and generated what's easily an additional five figures in revenue as result of working with Yakov and his team. Yakov is my personal go-to-go guy and trusted advisor when it comes to all things LinkedIn marketing." 

Richard James, CEO Of Partners Club

"My LinkedIn network has grown by over 5000% since starting to use Yakov’s system. I’ve added well over $50,000 to my income as a result” 

Alan P. President and CEO Of Advancing With Us Inc.

"After using just one of Yakov's LinkedIn content strategies, I was able to set a handful of new appointments and enroll multiple brokers. "

Stephen M. President of South Bay Energy



Hi, I'm Yakov Smart.

I discovered a new way of using LinkedIn while tapping into LinkedIn for selling software in 2016. Since then, I have authored the book titled Disrupting LinkedIn and built a multiple six-figure consulting firm sharing what I know with business owners worldwide.
I’ve been paid well to travel the country and at this point my proprietary approach to using LinkedIn has made an impact for more than a hundred business owners across at least a dozen different industries. After seeing the types of results these strategies have had for my clients…
I’m going to share them with you. You’ll discover some of my best strategies, tactics, tips, methodologies, word choices, examples and insights as part of this Accelerator Program.  I’ll show you how to cut through the noise, stop being seen as “just another…”, and have more high net-worth investors eager to invest with you.

Are you ready to attract more of the high net-worth investors you’re looking for?

  • Find the high net-worth investors you want to get in front of and have a hyper-targeted list within minutes so you never run out of investor leads again.


  • Establish yourself as the go-to authority  in your market using your LinkedIn profile so you can stop having to worry about what your competition is saying.


  • Increase your online credibility and visibility by 50% or more without having to spend a fortune on SEO or a fancy new website.


  • Have high net-worth investors eagerly responding to your LinkedIn messages and wanting to learn more about doing business with you.


  • Book more meetings with qualified investors on your calendar, all highly automated and in 20 minuters per day or less.


  • Turn your new LinkedIn contacts into capital and referrals while saving yourself precious time and money.


  • Grow your investor list by relying on a proven system for accelerating your business and by tapping into a new way of using LinkedIn.

What you'll receive when you invest in this program:

  • Eight On-Demand LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator Sessions:​ Discover a step-by-step system for raising capital using LinkedIn that takes 20 minutes a day or less and is 85% automated.


    These sessions include:


    • Magnetizing Your Lists
    • Accelerating Trust Using Messaging
    • Delegating Your Developed System
    • Enrolling Investors


  • Private Accelerator-Only Facebook Group: Your private forum for receiving feedback, getting your questions answered between training and making key contacts within the Accelerator.


  • Unlimited Access To Portal Of All Sessions And Transcripts: You and your team will receive unlimited access to an on-demand portal where you’ll find all of the recordings and transcripts from the training easily and effortlessly.


  • Bonus #1: LIVE Group Q and A Sessions (Twice Per Month): During these live group Q and A sessions, you'll have a chance to receive personalized feedback in real-time along with hearing the most up to date LinkedIn strategies for attracting investors.


  • Bonus #2: Tech Resources And Questions Bank: For any tech questions you have along the way, you’ll receive access to a bank of how-to answers and  recommended resources so that the foundational technical aspects become easy for you as well.


  • Bonus #3: Full Library Of Scripts and Templates: Throughout the Accelerator, you’ll be receiving a wide arsenal of messages and wording templates that you’ll often be able to simply “swipe and deploy.” You’ll have access to all of these in the full library so you can reference these at any time.


      LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator



      Your Investment: $997 or 4X $297


      Are You Ready To Experience The Impact This Program Will Have On Your Business?

      Maybe You Still Have A Few Questions… 


      I’m super busy. How long this program take to implement?

       I’m not exactly the most tech-savvy person in the world, is this for me?

      Will this work for me if I have multiple businesses?

      How soon will I be able to access the modules and bonuses?

      When you enroll and process your order, you'll receive an email with all of the details along with immediate access to your members' area and the private, accelerator-only Facebook group.


      Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee


      If after 90 days of investing in this program you’re not absolutely blown away and don’t see the possibilities for building your network of A-List investors from what you’ve implemented...


      Just let me know and you’ll receive a full refund plus a $50 gift card. 


      Real Business Owners. Real Results.

      "After Implementing Just Under 15% Of These Strategies, It Added Over $5K A Month In Residual Income To My Business"

      Lindsey B. Atlanta Based Business Owner

      “I’m now able to generate hundreds of new leads a day and tap into a brand new platform for me.”

      Lisa Haster ESQ, Founder Of JDPreneuer 

      LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator



      Your Investment: $997 or 4X $297